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LightsUp Network Solution Sdn Bhd was incorporated as a solutions provider that mainly relates to system integration and security solution. Our expertise is to integrate and provide security software solutions on various platforms.

From our initial service of merely responding to customers' requirement and market demands, LNS has since been constantly seeking new technologies to increase our products range as well as services with more value added solutions to our customers. Our services now cover all aspects of offsite backup solutions, disaster recovery system, Internet Bonding Solution, Security consultation and various solution providers.

With an impressive customer portfolio, LNS is today positioned as a Next Generation of Internet Services Provider and Security Solutions Consultant.

LNS network services

What we do?

WIn Datasafe, we understand data centers, the importance of successful backups and what is needed to quickly and easily restore data. Due to data recovery is critical to the success of....

LNS product services

What we have done?

LNS is the next generation Internet security service provide, we implementing corporate Internet infra and providing bonding service at the same time as suited to scale and ....


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